Customer Reviews

Mr Wright

My Subaru XV has exceeded my expectations in terms of  both performance and miles per gallon. I came to it from a BMW 1 series sport and expected it to be slower and the cornering less sharp. It is, but not by as big a margin as I had expected, and it's more than made up for by the comfort of the cabin and intuitive controls.
I spent eight hours behind the wheel of it on a trip to London and back to my home and still felt fresh at the end of it. It averaged 40 to the gallon on a trip that was partly motorway, partly congested city and part country roads.

Mr Wilton

After only having my XV for a week or so, there are some things about the car that are immediately apparent. It sticks to the road like glue, the body panels don't flex like some cars [Nissan Qashqai being just one], and there is an indefinable air of 'build quality' about it. That said the 599 page Owners Manual is not bedtime reading, Could we please have a shortened 'Get You Going' booklet allowing us to read the biblical version in slower time, and who in Subaru UK thought that it is a good  idea to have a default unlocking system that only opens the drivers door. All that said, after just 7 days I think I'm going to absolutely love this car

Mr Pedder

After 15+ years with a Forester S-Turbo, I was not expecting to be enamoured of the XV.  Fortunately I was wrong!  The XV, whilst lacking that extra 'grunt' which really is not needed in normal life, is really a revelation: it's quieter, the brakes are much better, and the CVT is really a delight.  It is not a lot smaller, and the dog is quite happy behind his fence, so all is well. PLUS the fuel economy leaves the S-Turbo in the cold.

Ms Jennifer

I drive a Subaru XV SE Prem’ 2.0i in silver. My husband and I  have had it from new.  The car has been a positive addition to the family. It’s bigger than you might think, swallowing 4 People’s luggage and transporting us to Cornwall with no hassles. The car is sure footed and performs well in town and country.  Having a raised ride height and chunky wheels and trim seems to help - certainly aiding straight ahead visibility more than you might think. Power delivery is smooth and predictable which I like. Don’t be fooled though, this is no  dragster.  Power build up is gentle and different to the turbo diesel vehicles many will be swapping. With no turbo and a proven 2.0i engine we expect the car to be reliable and serve us well for years to come.  It’s a great vehicle, well done Subaru.  Our other car is a 2008 Impreza RX 2.0i. We have driven Subaru’s in our family for years owning every model except  Levorg. 

Mr Williams

I am very pleased with my new Subaru VX premium diesel 
Excellent ride and comfortable 
Feel very secure and safe in this vehicle 
Comes wit a host of extras as standard

Mrs Smith

Very flexible and reliable car.

Mr Page

My splendid XV diesel provides an outstanding driving experience, irrespective of road conditions.

Mr Neale

Having decided to buy an AWD vehicle for the first time I looked at various options and the Subaru XV came out top.
I have driven the vehicle for a year now and have no regrets. 

Mr Purves

Very pleased with car so far, only 600 miles.main problem is passenger seat is not very comfortable - too low and cannot be adjusted.

Mr Morris

After a break of only three years I returned to Subaru but at the opposite end of the size scale as I and my  wife are now in our 80s.   W are delighted with our new  XV.    We are home with the handling , enjoy the elevated  seating and 4 wheel drive.   We appreciated the welcome and the service we received which continued  as I struggled to adjust to the electronic services in the car.   I  must repeat my entire satisfaction with the entire staff.

Mrs Heys

For such a tall car, it has excellent handling and is a pleasure to drive. It sticks to the road on corners and has a solid feel to the build.

Mr Miles

My top-of-the-range XV is just two years old and I'm as pleased with the car now as the day I took delivery. It's just what I need for comfort, performance and economy.
My only reservation is directed at the Pioneer SatNav. A great pity as it's the only downside I can identify. Otherwise a brilliant AWD.

Mr Carroll

Bought an XV after previously having an Outback. I love it, great balance for day to day and the weekend when I get out to the lakes. I tend to do short runs, so went for the petrol and I really like the CVT gearbox.

Can't wait for a hybrid model.

Mr Caine

TheXV is one of the few cars that I have thought I'll have another when I change cars

Mr Jackson

Different to what I've experienced in the past in a very positive way. Roomy, responsive and after just a couple of weeks very impressive.I have only had the car for two weeks so a little too soon to make full ratings.......try in 6 months

Mr Peacock

Subaru in my opinion is probably the best value car of its class on the market 

Mr Barrett

Versatile, Comfortable and Reliable are the three best adjectives I can think of to describe my overall pleasure with the XV. Despite much long distance driving to Scotland and southern France where I am the only driver I have as yet avoided back or neck ache. The higher seating position gives better all round visibility. It has to carry loads and the space in the rear when the rear seats are folded has always been adequate even for a bicycle and a students clobber when going up or coming down. Acceleration is forceful when needed and the road holding and manoeuvrability is unbeatable.  Off road performance on tracks is a regular requirement in Scotland and France and the only problem is washing it afterwards!

Mr Neville

I am really impressed with the quality and performance of my Subaru. It is a pleasure to drive and handles fantastically. The features inside the car are top notch as well.

Mrs Handley

I really enjoy my subaru. Like it because it's different not many on the also feel very safe. 

Mr Allan

This is my 4th Subaru and second XV, the first being the 1.6 SE Auto and now the SE Premium Auto. I like everything about Subaru, the complete package, without the 'build your vehicle' you get with other manufacturers which only bumps up the price. I love the build quality, reliability and in particular the all wheel drive, coupled with the Lineartronic auto makes driving a real joy. The 2 litre engine is refined and gives the feeling of drive comfort with power in reserve if needed.  A whole new experience with the key-less start and auto everything, which is taking me a little time to learn and adjust to, but that is part of the fun of owning this car. To coin a phrase, it does exactly what it says on the tin.  I seldom if ever recommend anything to anyone, but I have no hesitation in endorsing Subaru cars and the concomitant high level of service provided by the company and its dealers.

Mr Davidson

Test drove both diesel and petrol versions of the XV. Much preferred the petrol version and now owned two. The XV I has good comfort, performance, roadholding and reliability - a very good vehicle. We average 36 miles per gallon which is not bad for a 2 litre petrol SUV.
On the downside, the boot is a bit small

Miss Card

Totally love my XV.   Think there were a few raised eyebrows in my road when I first got her.   I had upsized and upgraded my car quite substantially.  I had reached the age where newspapers would describe me as being 'elderly' - so I thought, it's now or never.   There had also been an incident with my much smaller car and a double decker bus on a country lane in my village - not my fault.   Whilst naturally not invincible, I now feel much safer and happier in the XV.   I live in rural Somerset with a lot of bendy roads with ditches, and we are also prone to sudden extreme rain which can cause local flash floods.   The XV with its height and brilliant handling takes the worry out of these conditions.   I was amazed by the turning circle and just how easy this car is to manoeuvre - the best I have ever experienced.   She holds the bends with ease, climbs hills in her stride and is a smooth and comfortable ride - particularly love the lumber support. As I am abit on the short side, my one and only niggle, is the height of the open tail gate, which is rather a stretch for me - so hope the later models come power assisted.    The saying 'once Subaru, always Subaru' certainly applies to me - I won't be changing anytime soon.

Mrs Woolley

Very happy with my XV which I've had 4 years.  Comfortable, reliable and I feel safe in bad winter weather with 4 wheel drive. Nice to be up a bit higher than my previous car but not so large that I find it a problem to drive or park. A good buy for a lady like me.