Customer Reviews

Mr Bowen

I've had my Forester diesel CVT since March and put 9000 miles on it. The engine is smooth and generally works well with the gearbox. I'm averaging 45 mpg on my 45-60 minute commute. The only glitch in reliability has been a yellow emissions warning light during a long drive home on a hot day. Had a forced regeneration the next morning while I waited, and it hasn't happened again in 3000 more miles.
The CVT is smooth and fine in drive but a minor gripe is if you use the paddle to drop a gear, it goes back to drive too quickly. If you knock it into support the gears will do what you want. The car is a little floaty when handling in corners unless you are in sport mode. I don't know if the manual gearbox is better suited? It still handles well for its size, and rides well on faster roads.
The car is comfortable and spacious. Is a shame Subaru will stop selling diesel engines due to EU 6+ rules, but it will be interesting what they do with hybrid systems.

Mr Bowen

I have a Forester diesel auto and love it. I'm getting 45 mpg measured by fuel receipt, as the on board computer is 2-3mpg on the side over the top. Loads of interior hasnt used a drop of oil in 4500 miles. My elderly parents find it easy to get in and out, and comfortable to be in. Android auto would be nice but the infotainment works well with my phone and Bluetooth for audio.Dab radio holds a good signal in different parts of the UK.

Mr Patrick

First impressions were good upon delivery. So far I have driven 2700 miles from new and overall my experience has been positive. The engine (diesel)is a great workhorse with plenty torque and pulling power especially on the motorways. Fuel efficiency has been what I would expect achieving 48mph on a long journey with a roof box on.  The interior is very spacious with excellent all round visibility. The drivers seat is comfortable with good adjustment to suit all. Overall instrumentation is very good as is the infotainment system, bluetooth works very well. Large boot space ideal for a large dog to lie down in. Now the main issue that I have found is the gear selection. First to second, third to second is very clunky and the gear selection overall what can only be described as sloppy.Ii have been told this is normal? but having researched this through various forums I cannot find  any other mention of this. So sorry but unless this issue can be sorted by the dealership or Subaru I certainly would not recommend this make or model of car.

Mr Unwin

I am very pleased with my new Subaru Forrester. The car comes very well equipped as standard with things that would be optional extras on other cars in its class (ie Sat Nav, Leather seats etc). Voice recognition for audio, sat nav  and phone work very well. There is plenty of attention to detail, ie there are USB points in centre armrest with a gap in the lid to allow the wires to come out, so you can charge your phone but still have it in your passengers hand. The Boxer engines design with low centre of gravity means the car does not roll on corners unlike many other SUVs.  Overall excellent value for money. Would definitely recommend it if you are in the market for medium sized SUV.

Mr Bennett

The Subaru Forester I purchased is a pleasure to drive , smart interior and very comfortable 

Mr Bithell

Negative first:
Feel our top of the range Forrester should have had automatic folding wing mirrors, and an internal sliding mess for the sunroof to keep insects out when travelling with sun roof open.
Really smooth gear box and engine.  Better fuel economy than the published figures, though I do have a very light right foot.  Great response from the gearbox but in super sports mode, it goes like a rocket.  
I feel its one of the best handling SUVS on the market, looks great, feels good inside, vision and seating positions excellent.  
Can never understand the negative comments made by motor journalists.
We have bought the Subaru Lineartronic Forrester in exchange for our 2yr old landrover Metropolis, which was one of the bests cars we have owned, but this Subaru Forrester, is, in our opinion, a lot better, smoother, faster and better fuel economy. 
So far - very pleased with the vehicle.
As a final comment, I ask, do you want to be like everyone else, driving the Audi, Ford, Nisan, Landrover, or be seen in a car that is rarely seen on the road.  Stand out from the crowd, in your 'Q' car - The Forrester. - We Did.  

Mrs Birch

This one (diesel Forester)is our 10th Subaru, 8 of which have been purchased new.  Obviously we like them, though we also thought highly of the original dealer/garage.  Our opinion of the 'new' dealer/garage is not so good!
Current vehicle is spacious, economical, comfortable and well equipped, but not as reliable as the previous nine - all of which were completely faultless.

Mr Wright

I have used a Subaru Forester xcd both off and on road for six years and 70k miles . I've never been set in difficult off road conditions , a Forester isn't just another soft reader , it is a serious off road tool but with really good on road manners too .
Add to this remarkable reliability and mid 40 mpg and you have the nearest I can find to a true all rounder .
Winter conditions are no problem with symmetrical all wheel drive . Foresters are a well kept secret . They lack bling but their modest looks hide an impressively well engineered and thoughtfully designed masterpiece . This is my second forester and when it's done it's 200k miles I will get another!

Mrs Grant

This is the second Subaru I have bought. I have the Forester and find it to be the best car I have ever driven.  The car itself is so responsive, everything is at your finger tips, nothing fiddly..... The seats are so comfy and the all round viewing is just fab.
Great car.

Mrs Page

till I bought my Subaru I drove a smaller car so it was  was with slight trepidation that  I decided to go larger.   I have found this a positive experience and in fact feel much safer in a larger car, thought I might find parking bays a bit of a challenge but am coping well. The controls are easy to manage and the whole experience has been very positive, a car to be recommended.

Mr Pocock

This is my 4th Forester so I generally knew what to expect and am obviously happy with what the brand offers. But the Eyesight-equipped automatic, while no car for 'boy racers' is the most relaxing vehicle I have ever driven. The adaptive cruise control works brilliantly and takes much of the effort out of long journeys in heavy traffic – speeding up and slowing down with no need at all for driver input.
Although on some road surfaces there is a bit more tyre noise than I would like the car is generally quiet and very comfortable. My wife and I completed a 400 mile trip from Scotland to Wales with absolutely no stiffness at the end. And we averaged 43mpg in our petrol version on the journey.
I originally chose a Forester because I drive a lot on unmade tracks and in Highland snow. I have yet to try this version off tarmac but, with proper winter tyres, my last Forester happily trundled through a foot of virgin snow.
My only gripe with this edition is that the chrome surround on the driver’s air vent reflects quite badly in the wing mirror. But for all the other qualities I will live with that!
Knowing I have the backup of a good local dealer, I am very pleased with my choice of new car.

Mr Robertson

Now on my 3rd Forester. No 1. kept 10 years, 140 000mi, only minor probs apart from drivers window motor, which Subaru fixed eventually foc even though out of Warranty by a long way!
No 2, I got a year old, 9 000mi Forester. Lovely car, big improvement on the older one. I went for a demo and bought the demonstrator!
No 3.. No 2 had gone to Prices the Main Dealer for an electrical Warranty job. This turned out to be a battery fault. 
No.3. I've had a year and done 10 000 miles. Best yet, comfortable, economical even though an auto, and performance is all I need at 81! 

Mr Chotipong

Quite impressive fuel economy for a large, powerful(ish) SUV, on long motorway journeys I regularly get mid-thirties to a gallon and on a couple of occasions it managed low-forties, OK I was going slowly!
Very comfortable and quiet, although front seats could be a lot more supportive considering this is a sporting SUV, mine is a Forrester XT.
A very good car, feels almost indestructible with a few minor irritating features. A Toyota input, may be!
You won't regret buying it.

Mr Maclean

I like my present Subaru fine

Mr John

Only 500 miles thus far but generally quite pleased. Ignore all reviews that complain about the petrol Forester being thirsty - 2x almost 200 mile trips (non motorway) got 41mpg. Ignore all reviews which complain about it leaning on bends - theres a very twisty road from Blythe to Maltby which I've driven many times - Forester was perfectly stable although, whilst I wasn't hanging about, I wasn't trying to be F1 champion! (Wouldn't have bought a Forester if that was my driving style!) about 40% of my mileage is towing a caravan, but that won't be happening till I've got a few more miles on the clock so can't comment on suitability for that - although again, I wouldn't have bought it if I wasn't fairly certain about its suitability.
Have to say thought, the owners manual could be greatly improved - I'm still trying to work out how some things work and have had to refer back to the dealer for a couple of things. BIG PROBLEM - we drive abroad quite often & thus far no-one, including the dealer, has been able to tell me how to deflect the beams on the LED headlamps - manual very clear for Halogen!  

Mr Hales

Now on my 6th Subaru, 4th Forester in 22 years. The AWD provides secure handling in all conditions, and the Forester is a very practical vehicle without the pretentious styling of most competitors. I can easily carry bicycles inside.

The CVT transmission is very smooth and intelligently programmed, and dealer service excellent.

Ms Clark

It is fabulous car. I had Audi’s for 20 years. I wish I had changed over years before. I don’t think Subaru promote their cars well enough. I only went for a test drive on the recommendation of a friend. I knew little of the car before. Is this why I see so few on the road. Such a shame!

Mr Short

This is my first Subaru a FORESTER XT.
I have now had it for 3 years with it just having it's first MOT.
have been excellent in help and servicing. My only problem was a dud battery early on but it was replaced without question.
I did show some interest in the Outback at the end of year two but as the Forester ticks all the boxes for me I could not see the point in changing. Perhaps another time.

My only gripe is the mpg but with the power and turn of speed at hand it is not a bad trade off. 

Mr Tomlinson

I have only had my Forrester for a short time but there is absolutely nothing I don't like. Sticks to the road like glue and really nice to drive.

Mr Garratt

superb car, great service,good value, what more could you want

Mr Lightfoot

Forester XT is a sturdy, safe workman like vehicle. It has a powerful engine with an excellent CVT gear box. Roomy with superb visibility & well appointed comfortable seats. The lights are very good, well weighed accurate steering, reassuring & effective brakes, all the tech you could ever need, rides well with excellent traction however the Bridgestone Duallers fitted are certainly not in the front rank of tyre technology especially in the wet. Nice to see a proper spare wheel fitted. My 17th car & by far the best.Personal preference I would prefer a graduated water temperature gauge as opposed to the blue cold engine lamp.Also an oil pressure gauge would be a welcome addition.I would certainly recommend the vehicle.    

Mr Taylor

Forrester XT Turbo
This is a smooth ride, good handling and road grip with no role or sway on cornering. In the cockpit everything is to hand and easy to see. External visibility is excellent. 
Spacious interior for five people plus luggage.
plenty of power even with a full load even without the turbo powered version.
the turbo XT version is exciting,
The only down side is it is a little bit thirsty at under 25-30 miles to the gallon.

Mr Carkett

I had been looking longingly for a while at Subarus , finally took one for a test drive.  Then there wasn't any going back.  The drive was so smooth, the flat boxer diesel is very quiet. Fuel economy was one of my concerns but i am achieving batter than listed MPG. 

Mr Robinson

Not much of a one for reviews but having just bought a diesel Forester with the lineartronic transmission I now see why Subaru owners are so loyal.
It's absolutely delightful to drive and once you get used to the CVT I doubt I'll ever use anything else. It's very impressive, and as a long time BASC member I got 10% off the base price, so a total no brainier. Just go and test drive one, you'll see what I mean.

Mrs Hitchen

A wolf in sheeps clothing. It does absolutely everything we want. Excellent carrying capacity, towing ability comfort and real fun to drive. The least boring car we've ever had

Mrs Goldingay

I am very happy with my new Subaru Forester. It is so easy to drive, it's smooth, responsive feels luxurious. I love it! 

Mr Thompson

I have had the Forester diesel for 1 week and driven 200 miles.  So my first impressions are a well-engineered machine, robust, safe with good overall driving effectiveness.  I particularly like the suspension, AWD and Boxer engine, which provides a unique capability that is appreciated almost from the first drive. I have bought a well designed, functional car rather than one priced to deliver current, customised fashion.

Mrs Benton

The Forester is my 7th car that I have owned and is the ,it's not too long not too wide and goes like the stink!

Mr Wall

2017 Forester XT replaced 2013 XT - Much smoother, quieter ride, not much else has changed. Sat nav is as unreliable as previous model - fails to load, locks up, looses satellite, just like the old version!

Mr Simpson

I have recently returned to UK from Australia where I had previously owned a Subaru Forester. I did have a Nissan which was acceptable but I cannot say enough positive words about my new Forester. The comfort; the performance; the quietness all makes me very happy. This is my best car purchase since I last bought a Forester.

Mr Gilmore

Nicely appointed interior with easily reachable controls and a commanding driving position. CVT gearbox stress free and seamless so, although differing from my previous VW based DSG box, I'm pleasantly surprised by how responsive it is. Without the noticeable shifting pattern it is easy to misinterpret the speed. I've frequently been surprised by how fast I'm travelling because of the seamless transition through to box. So far I'm very pleased with the Forester.

Mr Robertson

smart economic well equipped

Mrs Hill

My Subaru Forester is the best car you could wish for on or off road. I live in the country and my house is situated on a farm track which can be muddy or in winter, snow or ice bound - this car can always be trusted to get you in or out.

Mr Ware

Exceptional good car, easy to drive with a good driving position. Had initial concerns about the CVT gearbox as I had always had manual cars. It's actually a really good box. Plenty of interior space, great family car. The only things that let it down a little are the front seats, they could do with being more bucketed for my liking to stop me sliding off! Also the horn could do with being a deeper sound, the high pitted peep peep doesn't suit a car this size.

Mr Davidson

I wanted a replacement SUV with a petrol engine and reasonable ground clearance, plus certain interior space requirements. It needed to have good seats, be relatively quiet, and to feel solidly built. It meets all these requriements.

As for appearance, while this is a minor factor, the Forester is less ugly than other Far East SUVs, and there is a lot of attention to detail, and good fit and finish both inside and out. Fuel consumption is not brilliant, but acceptable, and I am only just getting used to the engine cut out and restart. While there are other cars I might have preferred, none were within my budget: the Forester was. 

Mr Duddridge

A car for all uses and all seasons, instils confidence. 

Mr Rainbird

I am very pleased with my Subaru Forester. It is a pleasure to drive. 

Mr Bush

Second Forester - still love to bits...

Mr Dewar

Nice car.  Comfortable and reliable.  Interior has too many cheap plastics.
Service dept could be better.

Mr Thacker

Excellent in every way

Mr Love-Jones

My Forester is quite simply the perfect car. Big enough without being enormous, fast enough without being ridiculous and luxurious enough but not so much that it's unusable. Incredibly sure footed on and off road (it always surprises me having come to it from a 'proper' 4X4). The only problem...i just want to keep driving!

Mr Sheer

What can we say, we have had 3 Foresters they have all been amazing vehicles and very dependable.
Styling and comfort are up to a exceptable standard. our 2013 Forester XE often has admiring glances from other motorists.
If the next Forester comes fitted with a DAB Entertainment System and Subaru
Eyesight and Cross Traffic Alert System we will be first in line to purchase a new one, Subaru will then be the safest cars in Europe.

Mr Fields


Mr Garrett

My first Subaru (Forester XT) - following 8 years of driving German brands - and I'm hooked! The car is a joy to drive, both on and off road, the interior is a great place to be, visibility is superb, the tech is excellent and the engine performance adds a huge grin factor :)  A real 'all-rounder'.

Mr Davidson

Having road tested my Forester, I was puzzled by the criticisms of steering and handling, until I read that the steering gearing and shock absorbers had been redesigned on the 2017 model. The car is a real pleasure to drive, and I keep discovering detail that shows good practical thinking by Subaru. The seating is comfortable on long journeys, second only to the last model X-Trail |I parted company with in exchange for the Forester. Fuel  consumption is reasonable: I do a regular journey that takes me right through the middle of the towns of Cirencester and Cheltenham, and fuel consumption (petrol) is consistently between 44 and 47 mpg.  My Subaru dealer staff are a pleasure to deal with, also.     

Mr Hobbs

Our Forester has now covered 24,000 miles, I am so pleased with the diesel-lineartronic set up, be it on the school run towing a horse trailer or just onto Dartmoor with the dogs it just works.
It traction levels give great confidence in poor weather, it seems as happy in wet conditions as dry.
It's traction off-road is very impressive be it a muddy field or horse show with trailer it's always got me in and out.
So far my view is a very capable car that gives great confidence regardless of road conditions.

Mrs Lester

Had my forester for last 6 years and it is now 14 years old, never let me down by either engine failure or by winter conditions.  Ice and snow no problem and full sun roof is great in summer. Plenty of room for our dogs and brilliant to drive.  Had serveral vehicles in the past but now I'll be sticking to Foresters. My husband was so impressed with my forester he swapped his car for an outback.
The only problem with the new subaru's - they don't come in the grey/green colours anymore!

Mr Ford

Found my Forester reliable in the main, comfy to drive, lots of room for dog and fishing tackle. However if you do require a spare part going to Subaru requires a remortgage for some very simple items. 
However pleased on the whole.

Mr Tobey

We bought a Forester to replace a BMWX1 which proved far too precious for the rough and tumble of the Devon lanes. We needed a practical 4x4 which was light to drive, has good fuel economy, with low geared torque for towing and can carry us in comfort for five hours up the M5. We needed a car that was a practical all rounder with an excellent off road pedigree for all the Devon winter mud. We have been very impressed with the Subaru and would recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable, competitively priced family 4x4 workhorse. If there are disapointments then it is the notchy gear box and an over complicated security system.

Mr Shaw

Subaru Forester Hunter Edition....having read other peoples comments I guess you can say looks wise it is a marmite car, you either love it or hate it. As soon as I saw the images of it I knew I had to own one, the colour is so unusual, and it receives a lot of admiring looks, clean or dirty.
Inside there are more toys than you could ever wish for, from keyless entry and start, to the sat nav, which is brilliant, but sometimes she can be extremely repetitive and bossy, and I only need one woman in my life to nag me, thank you.
The drive you can not fault, plenty comfortable for the family, and that includes two of us who are over 6"4, the cabin space is huge. You can drive nice and refined, or, if the mood takes you, give your right foot a bit of exercise and move along at a fair lick. Even with the Traction Control off and Sports mode engaged, you would have to be a fairly talented idiot to mess things up though, the car sticks to the road beautifully. Currently I am putting 300 miles per week on, and averaging 420 to a tank, so if you are not impressed by that I would love to know your fuel consumption.

Mr Tweddle

The car is nice to drive, roomy, comfortable and easy to live with EXCEPT for the dashboard rattle for which Subaru seem unable to find a cure (or fix, as they put it). It has been in three times, the last for a week, during which an annual service was also carried out, but it came back still with the rattle. I'm told that it is something to do with the different rates of expansion/contraction of the materials and was told a while back that it is not uncommon in the Forester. I wish that Subaru would find that elusuve 'fix'.

Mr Powell

I like the exterior style of my Forester, but the main attraction lies inside where all the technology that one would find in a much more expensive car is there at ones fingertips. The ride is smooth and responsive and I know, from experience, that it will go anywhere... across farmland, along muddy tracks and, of course, along the motorway!  As I write this, I am on holiday in Oregon, USA, where I noticed that almost every car in the rugged mountain areas is a Subaru... the locals obviously know which cars are the most reliable.

Mr Clark

A very well appointed vehicle with every conceivable extra you could wish for! A very nice drive and superb all round visibility.
Still watching fuel consumption which is showing average of  33mpg.Hope it improves a bit!
Takes a while to find out what all the bells and whistles do.
I love it.

Mr Bristow

I took delivery of the Forester on the first of September, having owned many 4x4s, some large, some small. This car takes some beating, a comfortable drive with good handling and visibility. The engine is responsive and smooth with lots of power. All in all, one of the best cars I have ever driven. 

Mr Malin

Does all I ask it to do on or off road

Mr Phillips

I have owned my Subaru Forester for over twelve months and it has been a reliable, comfortable and competant vehicle. However, it is quite thirsty on petrol although this is not a great problem as my mileage is not particularly high.